December 20

Resilience: 7 Skills You Need To Walk With Strength


Resilience is a learned skill.

Is it possible to change the way we react to negative circumstances? What are the best skills to develop in order to improve resilience?

You can develop certain skills to help you maintain enthusiasm while moving from one opportunity to another:


  • Skill 1. To begin, you’ll learn about resilience and how it can enhance your life. Explore what resilience really looks like in action.

  • Skill 2. Learn to handle difficult emotions with curiosity instead of with a negative reaction. Discover some key things you can do to harness the ability to keep your cool in times of chaos or confusion.

  • Skill 3. Taking responsibility for your situation means getting curious and compassionate so you can learn and move forward with more clarity.

  • Skill 4. Times of stress can lead to isolation. Having a support system in place builds resilience by providing structure and encouragement. People who are in your community can help with problem-solving and taking next steps.
  • Skill 5. it’s difficult to be resilient if you’re giving into critical self-talk and beating yourself up. Though it can be difficult, it’s possible to change your thinking. This will in turn change your behavior and perspective.

  • Skill 6. Physical exercise is an excellent source of motivation, energy, and confidence. it’s a wonderful outlet for anxiety, stress, depression, and other distressors. you’ll find ways to exercise that work for you and are fun. Set small goals and get your snowball rolling downhill!
  • Skill 7. You can strengthen your resilience muscle by giving yourself challenges to overcome. This will improve your confidence and increase your belief in your own strength. In this section, learn what you can do to set yourself up for success.

AND… learn to be your own best friend. Be kind to yourself and then to others.

These skills will help you stand tall, especially in our current environment. Resilience is absolutely a core essential in life. Learning to be even more resilient and bouncing forward more quickly will help us take advantage of even more opportunities.

Where can you be more reslient and where can you bounce forward in your life?

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