June 30

Make Deep Breathing Permanent As You Manage Your Powerful Emotions


Chronic stress can be managed. It does not have to rule your life and ruin your health. One of the options you have for managing it is to use deep breathing. If you pause right now and take a deep breath and let it out, you will notice that you feel better.

That’s because the act of breathing deeply acts as a relaxant. While you’re deep breathing, your body is letting go of stress (see also ‘The Power Of Letting Go: Why It’s Good For Your Anger And Stress Levels‘). The process involved in this works in the brain.

The deep breathing triggers a response within the brain to tell it to stop the physical reactions associated with stress. For example, the deep breathing slows your pulse rate.

It also lowers your blood pressure and causes your heart to slow down. You will notice that the tension is leaving your shoulders and the muscle aches you have had will diminish through deep breathing.

Chronic stress can easily keep your brain and your body focused on the stressor. By practicing deep breathing, you take back the control over your body. The exercises can help prevent the damage that chronic stress can do to your health.

Deep breathing can free you from the stress while giving you health benefits at the same time. When you do the exercises, you give more oxygen to your body. Though there are several different types of deep breathing, there are two more commonly used ones.

One of them is using the diaphragm to breathe deeply. The other is using the chest muscles. Both are effective and this type of stress management is something that you can do anywhere.

All you must do is practice your deep breathing sessions. It does not matter if you are alone or in the middle of a crowd. You can even use deep breathing during a stressful situation to gain immediate calm.

You must make sure that you take deep breaths. If you take shallow breaths, you can end up hyperventilating. Draw in a breath through your nose and let it fill your lungs. Then slowly exhale the breath through your mouth.

Start by taking three to full breaths at a time. In the middle of this type of breathing, you will want to choose a focus. Some people combine deep breathing with meditation. Others practice visualization or use the breathing along with a mantra.

There is no set time limit on deep breathing exercises. You can do them for a couple of minutes or for longer if you choose to. The deep breathing exercises can also alleviate the side effects of chronic stress, such as anxiety and emotional upheaval.

For best results using deep breathing to manage your chronic stress, you can practice the habit at set times during the day, such as once in the morning, once in the afternoon and again in the evening.

Deep breathing will become second nature as you continue to practice calming your emotions in this manner.  The increase in mindfulness and mental acuity will become pronounced and you will develop a calm confidence you have never known before.  The changes are not immediate but soon you should realize the splendid changes you see in your life.  With the increased mindfulness, you will proactively use these deep breathing techniques to meet more challenges head on!

Happy 4th of July!


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