July 22

Be Your Own BFF! Being Your Own Best Friend!


Change your thoughts and you will change your life!

I’ve got 3 things for things on my mind that I want to share and adding a bonus reminder to help make your day a little better. I’m reminded again that the little things do matter. So even as I come here now to share 3 things, implementing even 1 of those items can truly make a major change with lasting significance. Micro-Habits can lead you to your divine purpose!

Saint Elena Canyon


You can use micro-habits to strengthen your relationships. It’s easy to only communicate via social media these days, but you can do some simple things to make communication more personal and more effective.

  1. Really listen! Most people don’t seriously listen to what others are saying. They’re just waiting to say their piece. But if you practice actively engaged listening and think before you respond, you’ll signal that you value what the other person has to say. And if it’s a difficult conversation, waiting five seconds before you respond can save you from losing your temper!

2. Are you tired of dreaming instead of living? Instead of dreaming about an ideal life, how about you living out that ideal life? It’s not magic, and it’s not ‘woo woo.’ Instead, realize the small steps you can take to acknowledge what’s holding you back and then ways to make your dreams a reality. All it takes is some self-discovery and a willingness to take action. Small steps toward your goals that have always seemed a bridge too far will encourage you and give you a dopamine hit that excites and encourages you.

3. Are you prone to being a people pleaser? Do you care about what others think of you and your choices? If so, then you’re probably living a life that OTHERS have designed for you. If you’re happy with this life, wonderful! But if you want to live the life of YOUR dreams, it’s time for some self-discovery and self-improvement.

MOST of us enjoy harmony, which often means making others happy or content by compliance, but we need to have boundaries and make ourselves a major priority. I’ve recently become much more mindful of some of my people’s pleasing ways and set about to stop them mindfully. I am not usually the one that handles making others happy, and I have a wonderful life to live on my own. Learn the steps you need to abolish any negative self-talk that may hinder you pursuing your dreams. We’ll also talk soon about identifying what YOU want in life, your divine purpose.

BONUS: I was working with a wonderful client yesterday that looked back at her life and once more saw someone very close that had done significant harm to her in the past. Her very, very painful divorce continues to cause grief even years later, and time has done little to ease the pain or even the freshness of her pain. Without forgiveness, she will never be free of all the pain and negatives her ex inflicted her with. With forgiveness, she breaks those bonds, those ties that still hold them together, and she will be able to move forward to live her best life.

She said she has forgiven in the past, and it doesn’t seem to help. Forgiveness is often like bathing… you need to do it every day. I have had multiple painful events that I have had to forgive daily for months and then one day… there was no freshness to the pain, and it seldom entered my mind. Spiritually forgiveness may be complete in a day, but forgiveness must be done daily when I have been wounded deeply.

Please forgive others as completely as possible and make it a daily practice to forgive again and again. Finally, forgive yourself totally and completely. You were doing your best, and forgiving yourself allows you to move forward toward your best, your divine purpose in life.

P.S. Why I write… I write to share the best of what I know and the best of what I have learned. I always want to share specific, actionable information to help you live a better life. Life is a series of habits, and I have intentionally upgraded my daily “rituals” to live a better life. Not everything I try creates a big impact, but I love to test things out before sharing them. I always share (and often share over and over) what I find that I like the most and work the best. I hope what I share resonates with you and helps you live a better, happier, and more positive life.


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