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Emotional Intelligence is absolutely foundational to success and happiness! Please find time to check out this article on Emotionally Intelligent Leadership and the full article at the link below. Up your game today!

Emotional intelligence can be misunderstood and misrepresented. But the bottom line is that the manager who can think about emotions accurately and clearly may often be better able to anticipate, cope with, and effectively manage change.

Emotional information plays a critical role in our working lives since the relationships we form are governed by rules of behavior – of cooperation and dominance, among others – that are triggered by our emotions. Being able to understand this information, and its impact on personnel and the organization is what makes an individual, at least in part, emotionally intelligent. Not surprisingly, then, business leaders who can “embrace the emotional side of an organization will infuse strength and meaning into management structures, and bring them to life.” (Barach, J.A., and Eckhardt D.R., Leadership and The Job of the Executive, Quorum Books, Westport, Connecticut, 1996). In brief, leaders who can use their feelings and their knowledge of them constructively will have certain advantages over those who cannot. In this article, I will discuss how leaders can enhance their understanding of the role and impact of emotions.

Continue to the full article. It would be a value-packed time.


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