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The Journey Metaphor, Achieving Your Goals and Creation of a Much Better Life!


Viewing Our Goals as a Journey

Our common temptation is to disengage from the behaviors that helped us achieve our goal, whatever the goal may be.  Viewing the goal and goal attainment as a journey helps us effectively shift the mindset that encourages us to remain engaged with the process that helped us achieve the goal. 

Goal attainment and even advancing beyond the original goal is often achieved when we adopt the journey metaphor as we are on the pathway that leads us to achieve specific goals.   Goals remain very important but successfully employing the journey metaphor encourages a level of success not seen before.

After we’ve worked hard to meet a goal through fitness and diet regimen or upping our game at work so as not fall short of meeting ambitious sales targets, there is an innate human tendency after success, which can lead us into complacency. Research shows that incremental achievements serve well early on in motivation but wane overtime when they come with little risk attached; best practices are then needed if you want long-term change because these types get stale quickly otherwise!  This passage provides insight into why people go back on their word once achieving goals.

Why It’s So Important to Embrace the Journey as we Age


Whether we like it or not, every day we grow a little older. The problem? Sometimes it becomes very difficult to keep from focusing on the negative aspects of aging when we should be concentrating on where we are in this moment.

Now more than ever, it’s time to embrace the journey. Today has infinitely more value than worry about a tenuous ‘someday.’ With this in mind, let’s figure out some ways to truly embrace the journey as we age.

See the Opportunity in Every Day

No matter what your health or financial circumstances, there is always something new to be learned. Especially as you age, it’s important to have an active mind. Be willing to try new things as part of embracing the journey of life.

Express Gratitude

Every day, to keep your journey positive, take a few minutes to feel gratitude for the people in your life who make a difference and for the things you have or experiences you’ve enjoyed. If you’re spiritually-minded, you can do this in prayer. Otherwise, try journaling or even just acknowledging these things out loud.

Be Inspired

Who or what is something which impressed you today? Make a daily practice of including a sense of awe in your journey by enjoying just how wonderful the world still is.


A joyful journey is fairly easy to cultivate. It all starts with the ability to enjoy the most surprising aspects of the day through laughter. Laughter immediately boosts mood while being infectious enough to bring joy to others around you when you share it. Are you having trouble laughing? Try faking it. Oddly enough, pretend laughter has a way of becoming the real thing very quickly.

Help Others

How can you be of service to someone else today? Helping others doesn’t have to be physical, time-consuming, or even cost a lot of money. Sometimes all the other person needs is someone to listen, offer a hug, or a kind word. Your life journey will enrich relationships and show true compassion whenever you offer someone a hand.

Pass On Your Insight

With age comes wisdom, most of it through hard experience. Enrich your journey by sharing the knowledge you’ve accumulated with those who need it most. Have you considered mentoring someone who is just starting on their life journey? What about teaching a class in what you know?

Your journey as you age can be a very beautiful thing. The key here is to keep positive and always look for ways to savor every moment of every day. You will be amazed at how wonderful life can still be!


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