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Why Mindfulness Is Like Having A Superpower?


Mindfulness could be considered a superpower since it is constantly nudging us onto the growth trajectory. 

As humans, we are guilty of getting stuck up on things in the past or future – which are out of our control – resulting in an endless cycle of emotional reactivity, and unending contemplation. 

Mindfulness practices provide us with the necessary tools to break out of these negative cycles of thought and allow us to look at life from a new perspective. 

The practice of mindfulness isn’t prescribed or prioritized to most of us growing up, whether this was in our schools, social lives, or homes.

While you may have been taught patience and compassion, reflecting openly on our experiences was likely not included. 

Now, as adults, you are open to a new world where this ancient approach to life is profound, you’ll begin to understand that mindfulness is, indeed, a superpower – with the capacity to change lives for the better. 

With all this in mind, this article aims to uncover why mindfulness is like having a superpower and how you can implement it into your life. 

The Power Of Mindfulness

Before jumping straight into uncovering the power of mindfulness (see also ‘Mindfulness: A Complete Guide‘), it’s first worth noting that mindfulness has been known to shift various elements in our bodies, from the secretion of hormones to the wiring of our neural networks. 

While this may all sound simple enough, through the power of science, we are now able to analyze and decipher particular movements in physiological function as a result of mindfulness practices. 

This directly undermines everything we have been taught as children – that to change our lives for the better and be empowered, we have to contribute more and develop something we don’t already possess. 

However, during mindfulness practice, we learn this power can already be found within.

To access these powers, all we have to do is stop, listen, and pay attention to our bodies; unlocking the dormant powers that have been inside us all along. 

6 Reasons Why Mindfulness Is Like A Superpower

Why Mindfulness Is Like Having A Superpower?

Below, you will find some of the top reasons why mindfulness is considered a superpower and why you should implement it in your life. 

1. Mindfulness Can Rewire the Brain

Thanks to science, our increasing understanding of mindfulness can be traced back to neuroplasticity.

The intersection between neuroplasticity and mindfulness highlights that these practices have the ability to legitimately rewire our brains. 

When you start taking mindfulness seriously, along with other associated virtues such as compassion and gratitude, you are able to reaffirm the mental pathways located in the networks of your brain.

In time, this allows us to manifest these virtues more strongly within our day-to-day lives. 

2. Mindfulness Teaches Us To Respond Instead Of React

Without practicing mindfulness, we are often guilty of reacting unconsciously to outside incentives (whether this is an unkind comment at work or the day’s weather). 

However, through mindful practice, we are more attuned to our emotions, our beliefs, our thought patterns, and our habitual responses.

This type of awareness provides us with the power to respond to life’s happenings in a dignified manner. 

3. Mindfulness Connects Us To Our Inner Peace

A commitment to practicing mindfulness continually provides you with an opportunity to open your eyes to the inner peace that is hidden beneath the throngs of emotions and thoughts. 

Allowing you to rise above or sink below the surface of your mind to receive a new outlook on life.

With this new perspective, you’re able to uncover the inner peace that has been with you all along. 

4. Mindfulness Provides You With Peace Of Mind

While the goal of practicing mindfulness isn’t to use force or manipulation to change a particular experience, rather it is about discovering the necessary tool to ease the thinking mind into one with more courage and compassion. 

Simply put, being mindful enables you to easily detach yourself from the chaos of your mind and tune into a more harmonious experience. 

In this regard, practicing mindfulness is great for those experiencing stress or anxiety – helping to reduce it. 

5. Mindfulness Can Help You Heal

Practicing mindfulness can help you heal in the respect that we are highlighting parts of ourselves that need care, love, and tenderness. 

This is no easy venture, and can even be frightening for some since you will come face-to-face with the limiting stories and beliefs that have been negatively impacting your life.

Therefore, when uncovering these parts of ourselves, care should be taken when it comes to past trauma (see also ‘How To Stop Living In The Past‘). 

Practicing compassion-based mindfulness will help you take baby steps into these realms, providing us with the necessary patience and self-love we need to strengthen our self-awareness. 

6. Mindfulness Will Never Be Taken Away

Last but not least, one of the most important factors that make mindfulness a superpower is its ability to never be taken away from you – it is something that you can hold close through both good and bad times. 

It doesn’t depend on outside factors, and no one can take it away. Regardless of what you’re facing, its powers are always readily available to you.

All that it requires is our attention, openness, and our willingness to face a particular moment instead of shying away from it. 

Mindfulness In The Modern World

Why Mindfulness Is Like Having A Superpower?

In today’s society, mindfulness is as important as ever. 

Undoubtedly, we live in a world full of complexities that weren’t around thousands of years ago. 

In every direction, we are constantly exposed to opportunities for discontent, stress, and anxiety.

Whether this is climate change, illnesses, school, politics, news, or even work – we are hit with non-stop global input. 

In a few mere centuries, we have developed from an agrarian society; that only interacts with nearby neighbors and extended families, into a hyperconnected society that is aware and notified of every disaster taking place in the world. 

Maybe more than ever before, we need mindfulness to help us navigate through this world – managing this chaotic world through skills such as conscious consumption, resilience, and patience. 

How To Implement Mindfulness In Your Life?

Sometimes, the term mindfulness can be seen as a buzzword or advertising trick in today’s society.

However, we strongly encourage anyone struggling to delve deeper into the benefits of practicing mindfulness. 

It is one of the best ‘superpowers’ we have access to as it motivates us to transcend our comfort zones positively.

For instance, it encourages you to live in the present, keep a focused mind, and become more grateful. 

Mindfulness provides us with the necessary tools to walk through life in the right direction, without feeling overwhelmed or lost.

Final Thoughts

Mindfulness is a superpower all of us possess without even realizing it. It is only when you become aware of its presence and act upon it do you reap the benefits it can provide.

From rewiring your brain, teaching you responsive communication, connecting us with our inner peace, and providing you with peace of mind, healing, and 24/7 access – mindfulness is a powerful practice when utilized at its full potential.


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