November 16

How To Feel Like Yourself Again


Sometimes in life, we go through extremely tough times and we can often lose who we are as a result. We can forget what used to make us feel happy and find ourselves in a slump.

However, we can always come back to who we once were. We can find a way back to normality. If you’re in this situation, we’ve got some tips for you.

Ranging from the basics to the more complex – here are some things you need to remember about how to feel like yourself again.

1. A Tidy Place, A Tidy Mind 

One of the best ways to feel like yourself again is to clean your home or your living space. There’s a psychological connection between how the mind is and how your area is. 

In other words, the old adage of a tidy place and a tidy mind comes into play. Try to build inner strength and take some time in a day to clean everything up and tidy everything up in your home.

Start by doing the basics and go through area by area, starting in the kitchen, to the living room and into the bathroom to the bedrooms.

Once you’ve finished, give yourself a cleansing and relaxing shower. 

After all of this, you’ll take a seat in your newly cleaned home and have not only feel a sense of achievement, but you’ll feel as though things are getting back to normal. 

2. Create A Schedule 

When we are not ourselves, we can often neglect many of the things that were once important to us. We have huge anxiety that these things are not being completed.

The way you can change this is by creating a schedule and forcing yourself to stick to it. It can often be much easier said than done, and you may need to split the schedule up throughout the week. Adjust your schedule to cover each important issue so that you know you are covering the basics.

However, if you can get all of these things checked off your to-do list, not only will things begin to look up – but your sense of achievement and accomplishment will help you feel as though you are becoming yourself again.

3. Take A Drive 

One of the most important things to do when you’re not yourself is to try to get out and away from your normal setting.

A nice drive will allow you to remain by yourself, enjoy your favorite music and also calm down and think things through. 

Consider taking a long drive to somewhere that you absolutely love.

For example, drive to the nearest beach at night time and enjoy the location whilst also being able to resolve the psychological block you had.

A personal trick for me is to look up at the stars at night. When given a clear sky at night, look at the stars and just imagine. Imagine what your possibilities are, imagine what your future might hold and quietly take in the wonder of the night. I love the time and how it makes me feel that almost anything is possible.

Lie back and meditate with your eyes wide open and survey the sky from horizon to horizon. Allow your mind to wander a bit but gently come back to how many possibilities are out there for you.

This can help you come back to the way you were, and an even better version of who you want to be.

4. Talk Things Through 

The biggest and most advised thing you can do when you’re not feeling yourself is to talk to someone about your feelings and your thoughts. 

Consider setting up an appointment with your doctor or a counselor and let them know exactly what’s been going on and how you might go forward.

If you can’t face speaking to these professionals, consider reaching out to a friend or family member.

Talk Things Through

Whilst it’s often easier to say these things rather than do them, you may decide to type out your thoughts and send an email. 

Whatever way you choose to do it, you must ensure you are opening a dialogue so you’re not bottling your problems up.

5. Work Out 

Exercise has long been proven to help us both psychologically and physically, so an hour or so at the gym might be incredibly helpful. 

Once you’ve worked out, you’ll feel as though you’ve gone through a challenge. You’ll once again feel a sense of accomplishment and the endorphins will be released in your brain. 

After a good workout, have a muscle and mind-relaxing shower and think about how far you’ve come to do this. 

6. Take A Spa Day 

Another great way to feel yourself again is to have one day when you go to the spa. Having a “you day” is critical, and you’ll feel your mind and body relaxing. 

You should start to feel as though you are yourself again and be able to take on the next challenges in your life. 

7. Enjoy A Nutritious Meal 

Sometimes, you may not feel yourself because you’re lacking in vital nutrients and minerals. You may feel run down or sick, and this could be due to deficiencies.

A good nutritious meal should help to curtail this. Make sure to include high-quality protein and plenty of vegetables prepared in a healthy manner. Your body and mind will respond positively in this manner. 

8. Take A Vacation

Our lives can be tough and very fast paced – so sometimes you may need to slow everything down and feel as though you are back in control again.

One of the best ways to do this is by taking a vacation. Consider somewhere that you’ve always wanted to go and take part in activities like a jacuzzi, sauna – or even simply relaxing on the beach. 

9. Get Back Into Your Hobbies

Sometimes we can neglect the things we used to love, such as our hobbies.

Now while you might not have time to commit to them fully, there’s nothing to stop you from having a day to get involved once more. 

10. Positive Mentality 

The biggest thing to remember is – you can always come back. If you keep this positive mentality, you will know that there’s always going to be an opportunity to return back to normal. 

If you remember this, you will be able to push on! 

Final Thoughts

It’s normal not to feel yourself from time to time, but if you can find a way back to normal using these tips – you’ll be okay!


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