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How To Grow As A Person


Try as we might, we cannot change the mistakes of our past. But we can move forward into a brighter and better future as we continue to grow and learn.

And the fact that you are here right now, trying to better understand how to grow, proves that you are taking the right steps towards redemption. 

Let me take this opportunity to let you know that you are not alone and that you are loved.

Regardless of the battles you have been through, despite any missteps, misjudgments, or mistakes, you still have value, and you are capable of great things. 

Every single one of us has moments we wish we could take back, words we wish had never been spoken, and reactions we know we should have controlled. But these things did happen.

And life doesn’t have an undo button.

We can’t change the things that we’ve done, but we do have the power to change what we do. We can control our futures by evolving and learning from our actions. 

We can grow. 

But we can’t do this with our heads over our shoulders, staring at the past, our minds filled with hate or guilt.

So join me, as we learn to gaze forward to the future, looking onward with kindness of heart and forgiveness for not just ourselves but others too. 

Learning To Grow

Step One: Accepting Your Story

First and foremost, it is imperative that you can look at your life with honesty and transparency. This is the foundation of change.

While focusing on your misdemeanors is not productive, you must accept them to move on from them. 

This can be difficult to do, but it is important to get there. We have to hold our hands up and be accountable for our actions.

It is oh so tempting to just strike out chapters of our story and pretend they never happened.

But doing so will leave you in a constant cycle of torment and regret. You’ll be stuck in the could’ve been, should’ve been, would’ve beens. 

But there is so much potential for what can be. There is so much more to come. Accept your story so that you can move on to better chapters. 

Ensure You Rest Well

Step Two: Set Structure & Boundaries For The Chapter Ahead

So, you’ve accepted your story up until its current point. But there’s a new chapter ahead, and you are the author.

It is important to create structure and boundaries now to ensure that you don’t fall into the same pitfalls again. 

This requires you to think deeply about what you want out of your next chapter in life, and what elements of your life veered you down a wrong path before.

Did you give too much of yourself away too often and then snap? Then in this chapter, you dedicate some time to yourself. Did you develop an addiction while in a certain company?

Then you leave those characters behind. Did you ignore your friends for a romantic love interest? Then you prioritize those you care about the most. 

And while setting these boundaries, it is important not to pass the blame. You stretched yourself too thin, you picked that company.

However, identifying the issues and setting boundaries to stop yourself from repeating them will allow you to grow and ensure a happier chapter ahead. 

Step Three: Care About Your Characters 

The characters in your story are the people in your life. You must care about them, and love them unconditionally. You must listen to them and really listen. 

Be present and engaged, allow them their feelings, and turn to talk before jumping on the defensive. You must support them in the ways that they support you.

And most importantly, you must forgive them. 

As I mentioned earlier, everyone is growing. You are not the only one trying to enrich your story. And I am sure that for every mistake you make, someone else makes one too.

And how can any of us continue to grow into better people without forgiving each other? Just as you have learned from your mistakes, others are learning from theirs. 

Do not hold onto grudges. Do not expect them to prove themselves. Love them. Let them love you.

And together, everyone can move forward, holding onto each other for support, staying positive, forever learning, and forever growing. 

Step Four: Work Towards The Ending You Deserve

What do you want out of life? How do you want to better yourself? Do you know what ways you want to improve?

These are all answers you’ll need to know to ensure you get that ending you deserve. 

You should set some meaningful goals you can work towards in your future. And this can be anything.

Maybe it’s dedicating some time to a new hobby or passion so that you ensure that me time. Maybe it’s getting therapy or going to rehabilitation to control your emotions or addiction.

Maybe it’s something completely different. As long as your goal is something that will improve your life or your state of mind. 

Final Thoughts

While the idea of growing as a person may seem like a gigantic task, all it really takes is a little bit of forgiveness and a whole lot of love.

We must all take responsibility for the mistakes that we make and the people that we hurt, but we must not dwell on them forever. 

The past is set in stone, and no amount of well-wishing and good intentions can change what has been.

But as long as we ensure that we learn from our mistakes, move forward, and better ourselves, how could we possibly not grow as people? 

Accept your story so far, set the boundaries for your next chapter, love your characters wholeheartedly, and strive towards the ending you deserve. 


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